Vehicle Tests & Car Repair Melbourne

We offer a range of tests to determine problems and faults as well as general safety tests. Malvern Auto Tech is equipped with sophisticated diagnostic technology to accurately & efficiently diagnose all types of problems so you can be assured that only parts that actually need replacing are replaced. Of course we also offer car repair in Melbourne / Malvern, to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

As experienced car repair team, we can run a variety of tests to find any hidden problem or issue with your car that’s causing you trouble. When we find it, we’ll give you a quote for the repair and only if you give your approval, we move forward and fix the issue. Our vehicle tests include:

  • On-road testing
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Roadworthy approval and testing
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Car repair if desired

If you have any enquiries regarding the service, repair or modification of your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9824 7778.

Vehicle Tests & Car Repair in Melbourne

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Our pre-purchase inspection includes inspection of the vehicle’s engine, cooling system, ignition system, transmission, suspension, steering, brakes, tyres, all of the lights and the electrical system. It will give you a better understanding of the car’s true mechanical condition, so that you’ll be aware of any pre-existing faults. This may put you in a better position to negotiate the price with the seller. If desired, we can also conduct the car repair in Melbourne directly at Malvern Auto Tech.

A complete inspection will generally take about 3 hours, but may vary depending on the complexity of the work required.

End of Warranty Inspection

End of Warranty inspections are carried out when a new car is nearing the end of its warranty period. We provide a  thorough inspection of all the mechanical components of the vehicle, with a checklist detailing any faults identified – particularly those that should be repaired under statutory or factory warranty. If you need a car repair in Melbourne, think Malvern Auto Tech. We’ll not only do all necessary vehicle tests to find the problems, but we also provide cost-efficient and high quality solutions.

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