Fleet Car Service Glen Iris & Malvern

If your company has a car fleet, it will need regular servicing and maintenance – get in touch with Malvern Auto Tech for a fleet car service near Glen Iris. We can tailor a fleet maintenance program for all types of businesses and fleets both large and small, that suits your budget and the usage of the vehicles. Whether you have vans or smaller cars, we can provide both fleet car service and repairs according to your needs.

It’s important for your business to keep your fleet up and running smoothly, which is why our Malvern Auto Tech car service near Glen Iris is the right choice for you. We can structure a fleet servicing program for your business, including log book servicing, tyre changes and regular vehicle checks, to maintain your vehicle’s warranty. We road test your vehicles and you receive a full report of our inspections.

If you have any enquiries regarding the service, repair or modification of your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9824 7778.

Your Tailored Fleet Car Service Program


For your business, the maintenance of a fleet is extremely important – if they don’t get a regular car service, they might break down or have issues when you least need it. At Malvern Auto Tech near Glen Iris, car service is taken seriously. We can keep an overview over your vehicles and tailor a fleet car maintenance program that suits both your budget and your business. Whether you prefer regular car services or the manufacturer’s recommended log book service, we ensure all works on your car fleet are done to highest quality standards.

When you get a car service at Glen Iris / Malvern with us, we make sure you’ll get full reports of each vehicle we have checked and serviced. We keep all warranties are maintained and your fleet gets the care it deserves to keep running smoothly. With Malvern Auto Tech, you get real value for money and a great, transparent and honest customer service. We don’t do any works on your car fleet unless authorised by you, so you’ll stay in full control over all your fleet’s car services.

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