Baby Car Seat Fitting in Melbourne

Your child’s safety is our top priority. With an expertly carried out baby car seat fitting at Malvern Auto Tech, we make sure your child is secured correctly. Our professional and friendly mechanics will fit the baby car seat you bought to your car, ensuring it’s restrained perfectly and – if necessary – add an anchor point to your car.

The Australian law requires you to use a suitable car restraint for your child which meets the Australian standards. In the worst case scenario of a crash, an expert baby car seat fitting ensures your child is protected as much as possible. Malvern Auto Tech make sure the seat fits right, is restrained properly and explain to you how to secure it correctly. In case you need to move the child’s car seat to another vehicle, you then know how to install it properly yourself.

If you have any enquiries regarding a baby car seat fitting, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9824 7778.

Your Authorised Child Restraint Fitting Station in Melbourne

baby car seat fitting melbourne

The safety of your child while driving with your car is not only your, but also our top priority. There are thousands of different child car seats available and not all of them are meeting Australian standards. Once you chose one, come to Malvern Auto Tech in Melbourne for a baby car seat fitting. By law you’re obliged to provide a suitable car seat for your child until they’re at least 7 years old (when they’re older than 7, they are allowed to use an adult seat belt).

Our friendly mechanics make sure that your child restraint is fitting correctly into your car and fastened securely. They’ll also explain to you what you need to heed in case you change the car seat to another vehicle. Malvern Auto Tech is an ACRI-approved car restraint fitter in Melbourne. We’re standing for high quality workmanship, no matter if you’re coming to our car workshop for a service, a mechanical repair or a car seat fitting. Just get in touch with us for an appointment to fit your child’s car seat.

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